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ISO 9001:2015 - Quality Management System

ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is a worldwide federation of national standards bodies. ISO 9001:2015 is the most widely recognized ISO standard. This is a basic quality management system that can be implemented in industries of any type, any size, anywhere in the world. The object of ISO is to promote the development of standardization and related activities in the world with a view to facilitating international exchange of goods and services, and to developing cooperation in the spheres of intellectual, scientific, technological and economic activity. The results of ISO technical work are published as International Standards.

ISO 14001:2015 - Environmental Management System
ISO 13485:2016 - Medical Devices, Quality Management System
OHSAS 45001:2018- Occupational Health & Safety Management System
ISO 20000 - I T Management System
ISO 22000 - Food Safety Management System
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